Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm writing from Swedish Hospital as my dad is undergoing his prostate cancer surgery. I've spent a lot of time in hospitals this year, but this is my first time this year as the family member instead of the patient or nurse. It's been a long day but there are many more hours of waiting before it will be over. I've been having a great time in the kitchen, veganizing French recipes and putting my slow cookers to work, but although my food is healthful, I could tell my body was in need of a little detox. So this week I've decided to do a raw food cleanse. I did a raw diet in the weeks that I had to be off of my thyroid hormone in prep for my radiation, and my body felt great despite the effects of hypothyroidism. After my treatment, though, I suffered from nausea and couldn't stomach raw foods for quite some time. After I recovered from that I never tried going raw again. I started on Saturday, and already on day 3 I feel much less bloated, happier, and more energetic! My friend, Cherl, requested that I document my raw week to give everyone an idea of what delicious things I'm eating! I can't upload the pictures now because I'm on my iPad and my blogger app isn't working, but they are on my Facebook page and I'll upload them here when I get a chance. I can't see myself going 100% raw all the time, but I think aiming for a high raw diet is something that will make my body and soul the happiest. And, I don't have to worry about burning my food :) xoxo, Lisa

Thursday, October 13, 2011



Fall is creeping in slowly here in Seattle, the leaves teasing me with kisses of crimson and tangerine, sudden wind storms that leave the lake in a froth, and pumpkins adorning every store window. But today is sweet and sunny and barely even cool, as if she is tempting me with a mild season ahead. With boots, a scarf, and a sweater today, I'm prepared for anything.

I haven't felt like writing much lately, so I haven't. But today I couldn't wait to sit down and let the words come. I can't explain why. I feel like my thyroid hormone levels have balanced, and I find myself giggling uncontrollably at least once a day (my old self is back!). I can concentrate, I can make it through a day without wanting to eat every ten minutes. My heart is full and my body feels healthy.

Have you seen the movie 50/50? I can't recommend it enough. Bring your tissues and don't plan on trying to throw a party later in the day. But even if the film is somber, it will leave you with new gratitude and new interpretation of a cancer patient's journey. Based on a true story, the film is about a twenty-seven year old man (Seattleite!) who is diagnosed with cancer and a 50% chance of survival (hence the name). So many scenes in the movie hit close to home for both Jesse and I.... when the doctor is talking but it doesn't sound like anything is coming out of his mouth...trying to tell your friends and family...the struggle that the friends and family go through. Even the tantrums.

I can't say enough to all of you how thankful I am for your support & love that never ends. I always appreciate it and this film made me appreciate it ever more.