Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello from Virginia Beach

I'm writing you all from vacation here in Virginia Beach. It's so nice to get some sunshine and if you know me you know I love the beach! We spent all day Sunday riding insane roller coasters at Busch Gardens. One of my friends asked if roller coasters cure cancer, and they might not, but fun and happiness sure might!

I have been off of my Levoxyl for a while now and every day I feel more and more different. I'm in a bit of a fog and the strangest part is I no longer have an appetite. I never feel hungry or full. I just have to eat when everyone else does to keep my blood sugars up. I will have to keep decreasing my portion size since I have no metabolism and I don't want to gain more weight than I have to. Today is my last day getting to take Cytomel, which provides some temporary energy. I'm already getting more forgetful, so I'm sorry if I do anything dumb in the upcoming weeks ;-)

Here's my calendar of appointments so you'll know what I'm up to:

May 18 - Stop Cytomel
May 27- Start low iodine diet
June 3 - Bloodwork & RAI test dose at UW
June 6 - Full body scan
June 8 - Inpatient RAI treatment at UW
June 16 - Full body scan

Ok, back to the beach for some sunbathing!



Location:Virginia Beach,United States

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