Thursday, March 14, 2013



I met with my wonderful endocrinologist this morning to review my test results and have an ultrasound. My stimulated thyroglobulin level was 0.781, so there is a small amount of cancer left, likely where the tumor was wrapped around the nerve that my surgeon tried to dissect last year. Before that my thyroglobulin was 1.0, so it does not seem to have grown to the size it had when we caught it last year, and fortunately she wasn't able to see anything on the ultrasound she performed. I do have a CT scan scheduled for early April. 

My endocrinologist did say that she does think it would be a good idea to do external beam radiation, but that it is okay to wait a few years, as long as my blood levels are watched closely and I have frequent scans. Right now I am okay with that plan because the future is so unpredictable and it gives me plenty of time to weigh the risks and benefits and see what happens in the next few years to decide if I would like to go ahead with that type of treatment or not. 

I have had so much anxiety over the last few weeks, probably because this time of year for the past 2 years I have been preparing for cancer surgery. I was very nervous about these test results, yet confident at the same time that I would be okay. I feel better now that I have an idea of what those naughty cells are up to in there, and now I'm ready for some birthday celebrating tomorrow! 

As they say, there's nothing that a cupcake can't help! ;-)




  1. Have a wonderful cupcake filled Birthday Lisa! Every last one of those naughty cells are going to be in your rear view mirror one of these days!
    And as always, you look adorable.

  2. Prayers still comming your way! Eat a dozen cupcakes sweetie! I miss you :)