Sunday, June 2, 2013

CT scan, travels, and cupcakes

Hello! Where to begin? Life has been full of so much joy.

I saw my surgeon in April following my CT scan and got the good news that there is no visible disease. However, since my labs show that there is at least some disease remaining, my surgeon agrees with my endo that we should consider external beam radiation in the future. But, he also agrees that it is okay to wait a few years and keep it in our "bag of tricks" for now. He did tell me that if the disease comes back he would not be able to operate for a third time due to the location. So for now, I'm enjoying life and living healthy.

I've been at my new job for two months now, and for the first time in a while I truly enjoy going to work. Working in OB/GYN is exactly what I want to be doing and I think I have joined a good group. I have found that working with the right people is essential for my happiness.

In May we ventured out to Virginia Beach, VA for a holiday at the beach with my family. It was sunny and relaxing, and as it turns out, there is an abundance of vegan-friendly restaurants there. Relaxing at the beach is probably the most healing thing for my soul. There's no where I'd rather be than at the beach or on the water.

vacationing properly (those are virgin, obviously)
yep, those are my very white toes

Last weekend I went to Vida Vegan Con in Portland, OR. It is an internationally attended conference for vegan bloggers. Yes, I'm being serious. I also attended the first VVC in 2011, and this one was even bigger and better. Besides getting to eat amazing food, I also was surrounded by people who share my core ethical beliefs. In fact, I also met two other thyroid cancer survivors there, both of whom are healthy and thriving now. The conference left me inspired to start working on a separate, more vegan-focused blog that I will be launching soon. I will keep this blog going as well to keep everyone updated on my adventures with cancer.

early morning walk in Bellingham
my favorite flowers
In April I went with my friend to see my favorite ballet ever!

Yesterday I sailed in the WWU Alumni Regatta. I hadn't sailed in an FJ since college, and it felt so liberating and thrilling to be back in a dinghy. I was worried that I wouldn't remember how to race a dinghy, but as it turns out, it is still second nature to me. I plan to find as many opportunities as possible to sail this summer.

In other news, I've been working on launching my new cupcake business, Once Upon A Cupcake. I will be making cupcakes for weddings, parties, and events. I love baking cupcakes, so why not make it a business? I am doing my first weddings this summer and couldn't be more excited to provide delicious treats to so many people who won't even realize they are cruelty-free to boot!

chocolate cupcakes, just because

a tower of cupcakes for my birthday party
chocolate almond fudge cake

strawberry rhubarb cupcakes to celebrate nurses week

Signing off now to go enjoy our sunny weather. Can you believe it's almost summer?!



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