Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hello! It's been a fabulous weekend here, including yachting, celebrating my friend Jamie's bachelorette party, and my friend Amanda's birthday. I was telling my girlfriends that it finally feels like life is starting to get back to normal. Now that I have a couple of months without treatment, and my body is starting to normalize and my energy is coming back, I will sometimes realize that I haven't even thought about cancer in the past two hours.

In the past week I've been trying to focus on balance. I went from obsessing about trying to eat as healthy & raw as possible, to splurging on the 4th of July weekend and eating mostly just veggie dogs & veggie burgers. While still vegan and certainly much healthier than their dead-animal counterparts, they are not exactly the whole-food, raw diet I strive for. That weekend left me craving for a big bowl full of leafy green salad! And now I know that I need a balance of healthy foods, but not to the point of obsession. Although, this week will probably lean more towards the fun, splurging side instead of the healthy side, because Thursday is Jamie's wedding! I'd better do a lot of yoga tomorrow to balance it out :)



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