Sunday, September 25, 2011


First, let me begin by apologizing for my long absence from blogging. Life has been full of fun & wonderful activities with family & friends, like a trip to Southern California in my dad's plane, kayaking in our new boats, concert-going and salsa dancing.

And now for the much-anticipated results: my scan looked good! My thyroglobulin level was 1.1 (0 = no evidence of cancer), but since it's headed in the right direction and the radiation takes a full six months to work we are hoping that in three months from now it will be 0! It is such a relief to at last have some good news. My doctor was shocked by how good the results were this soon, and I honestly believe that my focus on diet and healing has a lot to do with the impressive amount of cancer fighting that has occurred in my body.

My TSH level was 0.01, and although I need to be hyperthyroid for suppression, the goal is 0.1. We lowered my hormone dose and I was feeling better already within a week. It's much easier to think and function. And only a few months ago my TSH was over 60... Now I know both how it feels to be extremely hypo- and hyperthyroid. There is not much point in longing to be normal again since I know it can't happen, but I'll appreciate feeling less hyper than I have been once my thyroid levels go down.

So for now the plan is to recheck my blood levels in three months, and if they are good then I can wait until the spring for my next scan. I'll have an ultrasound as well as a radioactive iodine scan (yuck!). I'll have to have those frequently because of the high rate of recurrence with this type of cancer. But in the meantime, I've got three more months of playtime before worrying about the next test!

Happy Autumn!



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  1. Soooo good to hear your great news Lisa. I'm so happy for you. You are an incredibly vibrant and strong woman. You remain in my heart and in my prayers for continued healing, joy and peace.