Monday, September 17, 2012

waiting and seeing...

Hello loves,

I've been living it up here. Brunch with friends both days this weekend, mimosas and football yesterday afternoon. I'm so happy to be off that low-iodine diet!

I had my appointment with my endocrinologist on Friday, and discussed what to do next. We looked at my lab results, which showed my pre-Thyrogen thyroglobulin level as 0.4 (it was 0.1 when we checked a few months ago, so it has gone up, but only slightly), and my post-Thyrogen level as 1.0. So there is still cancer there, but the RAI didn't work, so what to do now? My doctor thinks it's okay to wait 6 months and recheck with an ultrasound and thyroglobulin levels. He strongly feels that the risks vs. benefits of external beam radiation aren't worth it. 

Honestly, we left the appointment a little confused, and a million questions popped into our heads the moment we walked out the door. Do we think my body is going to clear this on it's own? Or at least keep it in check? Last year, after my radioactive iodine treatment, when my thyroglobulin levels remained slightly elevated, the idea behind waiting and seeing what that the RAI would continue to do it's job battling the cancer in my body for 6 months. But right now, it's all up to my body. And what happens in 6 months if my thyroglobulin levels continue to creep up? My surgeon had pushed external beam radiation so hard. He was certain that RAI wouldn't work. I'm eager to hear his opinion on what to do now. I am thrilled about not doing any treatment right now...but the thought of cancer just living in my body is scary. Although, Crazy Sexy cancer survivor Kris Carr thrives despite untreatable cancer hanging out in her body for the past 10 years. 

I plan to get a second opinion, but in the meantime, no matter what the plan, I intend to enjoy life to it's fullest while trying to be as healthy as I can. 



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