Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello friends,

I hope your weather isn't as miserable as it is here! The sun is such a tease, giving us that beautiful Saturday and now it's back to rain, rain, rain, as far as the weatherman can see.

Today my darling friend Cherl took me to my appointment with a naturopath. The appointment really didn't feel productive to me. After a long review of symptoms, he told me that I'm really healthy (duh, I knew that), and that I'm doing everything right. However, he wasn't a huge fan of the vegan thing and told me that I am not getting and absorbing enough minerals. Isn't it amazing that he knows that without even checking my blood levels?! {Which are all within normal range, by the way!} After citing claims from the USDA about the decreasing amounts of nutrients in vegetables and plants {who funds the USDA? why, the dairy industry, of course!}, he wrote me a prescription for a multivitamin and a calcium with magnesium supplement. Perhaps it couldn't hurt to take these supplements {or could it?}, but I don't think I needed to see a doctor to tell me this. If anyone knows a vegan naturopath in Seattle, or at least one who is knowledgable about vegan diets, please send me info! He did share good information about the dangers of high levels of antioxidants in the diet during radiation & chemo. So I will have to take a vacay from my delicious daily green juice during that part of my treatment. 

You are all so amazing and supportive. My inbox has been flooded with e-mails and referrals, and I apologize if I am slow to respond. Between all of these appointments and working full time I haven't been as good about writing back as I should be. I really, really appreciate all of your support and information you share.

Lots of love!



  1. what a quack. am i allowed to write that? :) you should have sneezed on him, so he could of been quick to tell you about vegan's supposed suppressed immune system. I KID.
    interesting about the high level of anti-oxidants during treatment, who knew. oh, and i toast my kale, chard, spinach, beet green & parsley green goddess juice to you!

  2. didn't tell me you have a blog. I'll start following you! XOXO