Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hello my lovely friends & family...

I have been a bit disappointed the past couple of days because my doctors have advised that I do external radiation after I complete my RAI treatment. They say that it will probably decrease my chances of recurrence by about half. But, the risks of radiation scare me: Hodgkin's lymphoma, burns, problems with swallowing, damage to my vocal chords... If it were to a different body part I likely would not be so against it, but my neck is such a vulnerable location. I want to wait until my post-ablation scan (which will be one week after my RAI treatment) to see how hard my doctors push for me to do radiation and make a decision then.

But, on a happier note, through family connections I was able to get an appointment with an oncologist at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, who is supposed to be very good and came highly recommended from the chair of medicine at UW. Thank you, Uncle Roger and Aunt Noel! That appointment will be this Friday, May 6th. I am considering transferring care there. Even though my insurance will cover at a lower rate, I think for the less common cancers it is important to be treated by the very best and at a cancer hospital. I am anxious to hear this doctor's opinion and see how I feel about this hospital. Already, just talking with the coordinators who helped me get scheduled, I feel that this hospital is far more compassionate and caring than Virginia Mason. These people are used to dealing with cancer patients and I felt like they really understood me. 

Now, off to enjoy this beautifully sunny weekend which will include a healing massage and hopefully lots of time at the park with my dog! 



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