Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I just got back from a great and very challenging yoga class and feel so balanced. I genuinely think that yoga helps people to heal.

After scathing about the naturopath the other day, I should add that he did leave me with one inspirational comment. He guessed {correctly} that part of me was wondering why I try so hard to take care of myself just to get cancer anyway. He said that we can control a lot through diet and lifestyle, but some things and environmental factors are beyond our control. He told me that one thing he knows is that if I didn't do all I do to take care of myself, my cancer would be a lot worse and I would heal much slower. I have reflected on this a lot over the past two days and have really come to peace with the fact that I have cancer. The "why me? why me? what the f***?" that kept running through my head before has transformed into a gratefulness that I was raised with a conscience for health and a drive to learn and an openness change and knowledge. Thank you to every person in my life who has fueled those traits.

Peace, love, and vegetables,

Lisa Rose

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  1. Great way to look at it Lisa. Where do you take yoga? I agree, yoga is my time and I always feel better afterwards!