Sunday, April 24, 2011


We just got home from a busy weekend in Bellingham. It started off with a Reiki treatment yesterday, and I really feel like a different person after that. I don't know how to describe the effects, but as my dad said, "there is something to it." After Jesse & Alex headed up to Baker for some snowboarding/skiing, I took Zen & Zeus for a romp through Whatcom Falls park all the way to Bloedel Donovan, where they got to run around off-leash like maniacs. It was gloriously sunshiny and warm enough to be in just a t-shirt and jeans and boots. I'm certain that those three hours in nature provided much healing as well. That gorgeous day in Bellingham certainly made me miss living in that city! The weekend also included some girl time of pedicures with Madi and lots of opportunities for the guys to sample beers from different breweries. 

If you haven't yet seen Water For Elephants, I highly recommend it. It was a beautifully done film and the story evoked so many emotions. Although, I am not sure that I could watch it again; it is too painful to see animals treated the way they are for circuses. 

This week will yet again include lots of appointments: tomorrow I am going to see Dan Labriola, a naturopathic doctor at Seattle Naturopathic Physicians, who specializes in cancer. He was recommended by one of the providers that I work with. I am looking for a coordinated treatment plan of both alternative and conventional medicine and I hope that he can help me organize and devise a plan.

Also up this week: a post-op appointment on Tuesday with my surgeon, Dr. Glenn (I am hoping to get the okay to get back to my normal exercise routine!), and another acupuncture treatment on Thursday. The conference where my doctors will decide on my treatment plan is on Wednesday so I hope to know more about what they recommend by the end of the week. I think I will have to start carrying around my iPad just to keep track of my schedule!

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