Saturday, June 25, 2011



I'm just trying to take things one day at a time here. Every day I feel a tiny bit more energy and a tiny bit more balanced. I've managed to get through a full week of work, go for some long walks {like around Green Lake on the solstice}, and get my diet back to normal {and mostly raw!}. Being able to eat iodine-containing foods again is wonderful! Last night I got to enjoy a seaweed salad. I still have almost no sense of taste, and I'm frustrated that it doesn't seem to be returning, as it should be by now. Some patients never get their sense of taste back, but that can't possibly be me. I suppose I just have to be patient. My neck pain is really improving, and now that my nausea has resolved as well I feel much less miserable. I got a massage on Thursday and I have to say it is truly the time when I can relax the most. My neck muscles are so very tight but I hope that they'll eventually begin to release as my stress and pain levels go down.

I have been filling my spare time the last few weeks with watching documentaries and reading books about natural cancer cures. As one of my dear friends said, "wouldnt it be nice if cancer patients could just stop worrying about money and just focus on healing?" But the bills don't stop because you have cancer, the rent doesn't pay itself, and your paycheck doesn't come if you don't go to work. In fact, you get tons of extra bills from the doctors and hospitals. Life carries on as normal and you have to try to be as normal as you can while trying to heal. How amazing it would be to be able to stop life, and attend a healing clinic, such as the Hippocrates Health Institute or The Gerson Therapy's Clinica Nutricion y Vida. But we all know that's not what life is like. So I am going to do all of the research I can about how to heal myself within the context of my everyday life. If you want to see all of the resources I'm using for my information, please check out the link I created at the top of my blog. I would really appreciate anyone's opinion who has seen any of these documentaries or read the books. 

Coming up this week: an appointment with Dr. Failor at the SCCA, another massage, and getting back into yoga and zumba! 

Wishing you all a sunny, summery week!



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