Monday, June 13, 2011


Good morning,

I'm blogging here from my awesome new hangout, aka our balcony, made cozy thanks to a new wicker loveseat that compliments the wicker chair & coffee table I already had. It is quite breezy and cool today, but the balcony is sheltered enough that being wrapped up in a blanket means I'm perfectly warm and protected while I watch the leaves swirling around below and Zeus keeps a watchful eye on the goings on of the property. Jesse also hung my herb garden planters from the railing, and if I feel a spurt of energy today I may venture down the street to City People's to find some lavender and basil to plant in the extra pots I have. I have wanted to create this space for a long time, and I'm so glad it is finally becoming what I'd dreamed it to be.

The nausea is subsiding and I managed to eat two normal meals yesterday. Brunch at Cafe Flora, thank you to a very generous gift certificate from the doctors I work for, helped me get past the psychological part of the nausea and focus on the delicious taste of the food I was consuming. An impromptu visit from my dearest friends and a sunny nap in the park made for a perfect day of recovery and nourishment. 

The soreness in my neck seems to be getting worse, or maybe it's only that I notice it more now that the nausea is subsiding. But that's fine with me, I'd far rather deal with this pain than nausea. Unfortunately the extreme bloating that my doctor warned me about did manifest itself, and like he said, it looks like someone tied a very tight noose around my neck - my face looks like a giant bubble! He promised it is only water weight and will resolve quickly. Every morning when I swallow my thyroid hormone pill it gives me hope knowing that every day I'm getting closer to feeling normal. I've started all of the supplements that my naturopath recommended which will help repair the damage on my body from the radiation and support my adrenal function to help with my hypotension. Maybe it's only psychological but I think it's helping already.

I've been so inspired by the people who have reached out and said that they were inspired by my blog that I decided to create a section to this blog to share the whole beginning of my story, the part before I started this blog. At first I only intended that close family & friends would read this as a way to stay updated with my treatment, and I had no idea that so many people would want to read this. I'm so excited that people want to listen and that they feel they get something out of it, so I want to invite you to share my blog with anyone you think would want to read it. I am creating a page called My Story that will be able to be accessed from the menu at the top of the website so that anyone can get an introduction to how this diagnosis and journey began for me.

Lots of love,


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