Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scan day tomorrow

Happy Sunday from sunshiny Seattle. We've had a gorgeous weekend, and although I haven't had much energy and getting out of bed is the biggest challenge of my day, we've taken in our share of rays at the park, the Japanese gardens, and at the beach down the street. Last night Jamie and I went to Pacific NW Ballet's Giselle which was quite a treat. We have season tickets, but this ballet was unique in that the score was written just for the ballet, and the choreography was very close to the original choreography from the 1800's. There was a lot of miming and signing and the dancing was much more of a romantic era style than classical. This evening we are going for a sail and even if I can't help much on the boat, just being outside is always healing. This afternoon was spent at Frenchy's Day Spa, a very girlie spa in Madison Park. It sounds shallow, but I can't even express how much pampering treatments help my mood and my body. Being able to actually relax and slow my brain down for a bit, and having an appointment that is actually fun instead of something I dread, is really important to me right now.

Besides the extreme fatigue, I have been experiencing another side effect I was warned about: neck soreness from the thyroid cells & salivary glands taking up the iodine. It feels like right after surgery, but not quite as bad as I'm still able to eat without too much difficulty. I am so eager to get back to being my old self, even though I know it will take a while for my thyroid hormone levels to build back up after I get to start taking them again after treatment.

Preparing mentally & physically for my scan tomorrow...wish me luck, or send good thoughts, good karma, or whatever it is I need.




  1. Wshing you good luck and sending good thoughts, good karma, good whatever you need, along with loads of LOVE. Will be thinking of you today, ok wtf, I think of you everyday, will just be even more than usual today. <3

  2. Lots of Reiki coming your way.........