Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello from the hospital

Okay, I'm all situated in my hospital room here, waiting for the nuke team to come give me my dose. I set my phone to forward calls to my hospital room so you can actually just reach me at my regular phone number. No texting though.

I've got a lovely view of Union Bay here, and the room looks just like a normal hospital room except for everything is covered in protective wrap. Every day someone will come and measure how "hot" I am with a wand to determine when it's safe for me to go home. My nurse said since I'm young and healthy I'll probably clear it out quickly and get to go home sooner rather than later.

Enjoying my last minutes getting to be next to Jesse because after my dose people will have to stand outside the doorway behind a lead screen. After I get home I'll have to keep at least three feet from people for a couple days, and for an entire week after I'm discharged I have to take care to not share any bodily fluids, ie, no sharing silverware, no kissing, and flushing the toilet twice.

Really looking forward to being off this low-iodine diet once I'm discharged!

I'll keep you updated via iPad which is inside a plastic bag. Thank you all for bringing me so many books to read - it was hard to choose which one to start with!


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