Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm officially radioactive now; I had my test dose of I-131 today. It is a small dose, 3 mci compared to the 200 mci I'll be receiving in the hospital on Wednesday, but I still have to take precautions. For 24 hours after my dose I can't have any close contact with anyone so Jesse and Zeus have to stay at least 3 feet away (and sleep in the guest room!). I have to flush the toilet twice, wash my hands extra carefully, and wash my dishes separately as most of the radioactivity is excreted through bodily fluids. As my nurse said, "no kissy face!" That rule is in effect until 7 days after my full dose. I'm sure Zeus appreciates that I won't try to kiss him :)

I haven't experienced any side effects yet, which are usually nausea and dry mouth, but I'm utterly exhausted. We tried a trip to the farmers market but after only ten or fifteen minutes I felt like I'd climbed a mountain. So I've spent the remainder of the day sitting at the park, lying in bed, or on the couch. What a shame, as it's such a gorgeous day and this weekend is forecasted to be in the high 70's. I have fun plans, like Pacific Northwest Ballet's Giselle tomorrow night, and mani-pedis with the doc I work for and sailing on Sunday. I hope I can gather the energy for all this fun.

For now, anxiously awaiting my full body scan on Monday. It takes 60-90 minutes...I hope I can hold still for that long. I might have to ask for a little something to help me relax.

My doctor said I really will glow...haven't noticed anything yet but we'll find out tonight!



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